Using Input Control block Slider values in a Gauge expression condition

I would like to use values provided from sliders in an Input Control block in a gauge condition expression.
I’m storing the value of the slide using a workflow. I’ve confirmed the values are being updated in the device attributes when the workflow is triggered.

My goal is to use the sliders to allow adjustment of the gauge contitions…

Example Expression:


Hi @Monty_Wilsher and welcome to the Losant forums!

Gauge Blocks can only query a single attribute across one or more devices. While you can use the Data Transformation section to modify this value, you’re unable to query a separate value for comparison.

You could do the comparison from within the workflow that’s being triggered by your Input Controls Block, save it as a separate attribute value (using a Device: Update Node), and then query that value in an Indicator Block positioned on the dashboard next to the Gauge Block. A few simple examples:

Please let us know if this works for your use-case. And once again, thanks for joining us on the Losant forums!


Thanks, I was able to implement this quickly.

This works, but it would be great to be able to query a second attribute in the Gauge block. :smile: