Setting gauge based on conditional values

I have a device with following attributes - machineID, spindleID, rpm, doorStatus
I have a dashboard with 2 gauges to be shown based on what I send to this device.
If machineID=1 and spindleID=1 show rpm on gauge 1
if machineID=1 and spindleID=2 show rpm on gauge 2

How can I put the conditional statements onto gauges?

I was trying like -
{{value.machineID}}==1 && {{value.spindleID}} == 1 on gauge 1
{{value.machineID}}==1 && {{value.spindleID}} == 2 on gauge 2

This does not work … I get same rpm reading on both gauges

Hi @Sreyams_Jain1,

The Gauge Block does not support conditionals like the Indicator Block, as it only supports conditional coloring. A conditional could be done in an Experience with some custom Javascript, but this is not configurable within the dashboard itself. In the meantime, the Indicator Block may be the best solution for the functionality you are seeking, or I can create a feature request for this if you would like. :smile:


Yes, please create a feature request on this. This will really help.