Color code a rising or falling gauge value


Apologies if this is described somewhere, I can not locate the information re: how to form the conditional.

Provide way to color code gauge based on previous attribute state


Here is the documentation on the Gauge Dashboard Block, and you want to look under the section that says “Conditional Gauge Colors”.

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Yes thanks already digested all of that. My question is how to author the conditional expression to detect an increasing or decreasing {{value}}. (calculation of the first derivative, comparison with past value, or equivalent etc.)


Sorry about the confusion. Currently, there is no way to get a previous value of the gauge. But that is a great feature request, which I will file a ticket for and post back once it is completed.



Considering this further. Is it possible to set a gauge’s specified device/attribute color code using a conditional expression based on a different device attribute?

What I’m considering … have the workflow set both the actual value AND a 1st derivative attribute on the device. The dashboard gauge would be based on the value attribute with the color code determined by the 1st derivative attribute.