Choosing the correct device/gauge for an indicator display


I have 3 devices (“D1”,“D2”," D3") all returning a variable of the same name (“temperature”. These are displayed as both time charts and gauges. How do I setup an indicator for each?



{SOLVED]- my apologies, I just realized I could add a query and select the device that way



You would add three indicator blocks, one for each device. Indicator blocks work by first choosing a query, which is what information you want to display. You then optionally add one or more conditions, which can change the message/color based on the value of the queries.

So for example, to add an indicator block for the D1 device. You would do the following:

  1. Add a query and choose the D1 device from the device selector. Then choose the temperature attribute from the drop down. This will save the value of that attribute into a variable named “value-0”, which you can use in conditions.

  2. Add a condition, which determines what color/message should be displayed based on the value of your queries. For example, if you want the block to turn red when the temperature exceeds 90˚, add a condition with the expression set to {{ value-0 }} > 90. Set the color to red. You can then make the label anything you’d like, for example “Temperature is high at {{ value-0 }}”.

  3. The default label and color is whatever will be set if no conditions are met. In this example, you may want to leave it green and set the label to something like “Temperature is normal at {{ value-0 }}”.



Brandon - thanks again for the help.