Show warning icons in gauges

I am wondering the more direct way is placing warning icons inside of a gauge block. I know we can change the fill color on a warning condition but we have some customers that like a more direct indication of a problem be seeing an icon right beside the gauge. I was thinking possible in the title block (if the icon could be placed dynamically based on an attribute condition). Any other ideas?

I’d also like to make the entire block “clickable” so Folks could drill down to get a recent history table or a chart for that specific attribute. I’m not sure that can be done although I think the header title could have a link?


I would recommend using an indicator with conditionals next to a gauge to show your data. This way, you can change colors, add images, and create links with markdown!

Here is an example of linking within an indicator block, and using an icon within a block as well!

Hopefully this helps,