How to show Device Name in Indicator Block


I feel like there’s a simple solution to this I’m completely missing (maybe with Handlebars?) I’d like to have an Indicator block say Device {{XYZ}} is reporting temperature of {{60}} F. I can query the temp with {{value}} no problem, since it’s an attribute I set. How can I get the device ID also? Do I need to set it as an attribute, or can I query it directly from the payload (data.body.device)?


The device name is not currently exposed as a variable in the indicator block. It’s something we could add. Name them something like deviceName-0 and deviceId-0 to match the query variable names.

The indicator block queries also work on aggregations. So you if you choose the MEAN of an attribute across many devices, we would not be able to expose a device name in that scenario.


My motivation for this request is to query across multiple sensors and get an indicator that, for example, says “Building X’s fridge temp is too high, check door”.

Without being able to display the specific tag or device name the value is coming from, the block can’t help identify which building the alert is coming from.

On that same note, Events work the same way, right? A workflow triggers a Record Event but in the event list it can’t specify what device is the one that just sent the msg to create the event.


You are correct, events are not currently explicitly tied to a device. That’s something we’ve been seeing the need for my multiple people, so something we’ll likely prioritize soon.