Setting input control values from a workflow



I’d like to set the initial states of several input controls with values from a workflow rather than a specific logged attribute from a device.

The reasoning is our device implements the possibility of setting a 10 different profiles with 46 different values, mostly booleans and time fields.

I would like to save each of these profiles as attributes in Losant as condensed strings, only parsing them on demand as otherwise my Losant devices will have hundreds of values which would become fairly cumbersome.

I should be able to get around it by building an experience view, but the dashboard look and interaction is really nice, so I’d prefer to go that route.

Is this possible at the moment, or is it something you have been looking to implement?


That’s not something that’s currently possible using our built-in Input Controls. We’ll have to brainstorm additional ways to set input values beyond device state.

An interesting workaround could be to embed an Experience View in a dashboard using the External Website Block. You can use Experience Views to build just the input controls you’d like, and then embed those in an existing dashboard. Gives you kind of the best of both worlds.


Ok, thank you - I’ll start making up a view and see how it looks :slight_smile:


Please do share what you build if you can. I’m learning what’s possible.