User Interaction to Udate Values

I would like to add a section to my experience dashboard or the custom website losant gives us where a user can enter their own threshold to trigger some of the alerts. These will be low level users so I do not want to give them any access to edit the application just a box that they can enter a value that will then be used to update when certain events display.

In other words, a user is on their dashboard/the website, they enter a number value which is brought into the losant workflow where it updates an event creation node specifically for that user. So user A might have their event go off at 10 while user B wants their event to go off at 6. I don’t want either user to actually have access to the workflows.

Hey @Jackson_Miller,

There is quite a bit here, and I have a few questions.

You mention “a a box that they can enter a value,” are you specifically talking about an Experience Page? Are you working on this currently and have specific questions, or are you looking for implementation guidance?

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Hey @Heath ,

I am looking for implementation guidance. I would like to have a box where users can enter their own values. Ideally it would be on its own settings page as part of the website where the user could customize other things like if they want to receive text vs email alerts.


Because you said you don’t want your these users to have access to Workflows, I would definitely recommend you take a look at Losant Experiences. Experiences are a means by which you can build a fully functional web interface, allowing users to interact with your connected Devices.

So, when you say “a box”, this would lead itself to an Experience Page for your users.

The other question I have is how your devices and users are associated. Is it one device per user? Multiple devices per user? Or is it one/multiple devices to many users?

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Hey @Heath,

We have one device per user however managers are able to see all devices in their location.




So, since you’re doing a 1-to-1 user to device relationship my recommendation would be to store thresholds for device attributes as Attribute Tags.

Then, I would suggest using something like the Basic User Input Form Template to get you started on your Experience User form for changing these values with a Device: Update Node.

Then, when devices report their state, you can use a Device: Get Node to get the attribute tags, and then use a Conditional Node to check if the reported value is outside of the threshold set.

Please let me know if this is what you’re looking for, or if you have any more questions.

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