Data Aggregation, Attribute missing despite being collected at child

We have the following hierarchy established

Where the blue devices are collecting data on 2 attributes, temp & rh, and the green devices are collecting data on 5 attributes, temp, rh, co2, tvoc, pressure. The data is aggregated at bullpen1 and bullpen2, and then aggregated at 100Market/Suite302. We have multiple instances of this hierarchy throughout our instance. This has been working well, collecting and aggregating data to Suite302 for all attributes. Recently we had a failure of the green device in bullpen1 and it stopped collecting data. Data continued to be aggregated for the remaining blue device. After this failure we noticed that one attribute(CO2) was no longer being aggregated at Suite302, despite still being collected by the green device in bullpen2. Bullpen2 data collection:

Suite302 Aggregation (Note that CO2 is missing at 9:13 and 9:43 despite being in Bullpen2 data collection):


This has been occurring over the course of the past week. The green device in bullpen1 stopped collecting data on 8/13, and our dashboards which are associated with the aggregation at Suite302 stopped displaying CO2 at the same time.

This exact trend occurred with a different set of devices about a month ago, but TVOC’s stopped being aggregated. I can provide additional data on that instance as well.

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Would you be able to tell me if you have the “Record duplicate values” option checked for this System device? It is unchecked by default.

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Hi Heath,

No, I do not have ‘Record duplicate values’ checked.