GPS consolidation/aggregation at the System Level

Hi All,

Looking for some insight here if anyone knows how a GPS attribute consolidates/aggregates at a System device type. For example, I have 3 devices that are children to a single System, and each Device has a GPS location. If I have a GPS attribute at the System level (that is calculated from the children), what does it do with a GPS data type attribute? Does it find the center of all children devices? Simply the GPS of last child to reporting in to the System?

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What gets recorded to the system in that scenario depends on which data aggregation you select for that attribute. GPS attributes do not support any kind of aggregations that average (or “find the center”) of a set of points. Instead, you may choose …

  • First: The first device to record that attribute within each report interval will have that value written to the system.
  • Last: Same as “First” but for the final point within the interval.
  • Count: Instead of recording a GPS point, the value recorded will be a number representing how many times that attribute was recorded in the interval across all child devices. In this case, the system’s attribute type should be “number”.
  • Time at Value: Given a GPS point, what will be recorded is how many milliseconds within the report interval any of the child devices had a value exactly matching that point (again, the system’s attribute type should be “number”. This rarely works for GPS data because of the exact precision at which the values are recorded.

Thank you for the clarification - that helps!