Time Series Graph Time Zone


We would like to have a time series graph on our dashboard that shows a count for each day in the last week. In the Duration section I chose 7 days for the time range and one point for every 24 hours. When the graph is displayed, it seems to split the days at 5pm (see screenshot).

We would like to show the split for each day in the local time zone. Would this be possible?



We’ve had this request before, where users would like to set a start and an end point for the graph and have each point represent a single day of the week (to use your case as an example).

We don’t have a direct solution for what you’re asking here, but you can at least get a visualization close to what you’re asking for with a little extra work.

  1. View a past dashboard state, setting the end time to midnight of the final day you would like to graph.
  2. Keep your block configuration the same - graphing 7 days, one point per 24 hours.

This should give you the graph you’re looking for. Then, to make this a little easier to manage, you could embed this dashboard into a web page you construct, and build your own solution within the page to manage the dashboard time (to change days / weeks). That value would then be passed down to the Losant embed code and the view would refresh.

Hope this helps!