Custom duration in Device Datasets of time series query kind


I would like to know if it is possible to create a chart that displays data between fixed date values such as from 03/22/22 to 04/22/22.

The datasets that the platform allows us to select have fixed durations and resolutions. As shown in the figure below:

For my application, I need the data not to have any kind of aggregation (because I receive it every hour) and a duration of at least 31 days. I know that a possible way to solve my problem would be to use the “Data: Time Series” block, but I believe it would consume extra payloads each time the client requested to see this data. As shown in the following image:

So, I was wondering, what would be the best way to do this? I appreciate any ideas.

Thank you!

As you’ve correctly noticed, Losant’s dashboards are designed to show a rolling window of the most recent data. It is not currently possible to explicitly pick a window of time to display for individual dashboard blocks.

You can kind of do this by changing the Dashboard Time. For example, if the Time Series Graph was configured for “30 days” and you changed the time of the dashboard to April 22nd, you would see 30 days of data ending April 22nd, which is approximately 3/22 to 4/22.

Thanks for the answer, Brandon!

Could you tell me if there will be any future updates correcting this limitation?

It’s a pretty big behavior change to how our dashboards currently work, so it isn’t currently the roadmap.

In terms of using the Data: Time Series Node, only one payload will be consumed for the Endpoint request. In most production applications, endpoint requests generate a fairly small number of payloads when compared to things like device state. Especially when you’ve got thousands of devices all reporting on intervals.