Timeseries graph resolution issue


I’ll list the steps I followed to simulate:

  • I reported some states using workflow to simulate past data;
  • After that, I checked in Data Explorer that the time value was different from what I reported. That’s ok… I understand that the date was interpretated as GMT and Device Explorer converted the time based on my local timezone (UTC -3);
  • In timeseries graph, if I set the Duration Resolution to less or equal to 6 hours, it prints the values like in Data Explorer. But if the resolution is higher than that, it seems to loose my timezone.

Data Explorer:

Aggregation: Count - Resolution 6hrs

Aggregation: Count - Resolution 24hrs

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Bruno_Matheus_Warmli !

The date/time shown when hovering over a data point represents the start date/time.

Since you’re using count aggregation

In your first example, using 6 hour resolution, it displays Jan 1 2023 03:00:00 with a value of 1 because only 1 data point was reported between Jan 1 2023 03:00:00 - 08:59:59.

In your second screenshot, using a 24 hour resolution, it displays 12/31 21:00:00 with a value of 5 because 5 data points were reported between Dec 31 2022 21:00:00 - Jan 1 2023 20:59:59.

The reason the start times are, say, 21:00:00 rather than 00:00:00 is because of the timezone set in your browser, which is presumably UTC -03:00:00.

Let me know if this answers your question!

Hey Sebastian,

Thank you for your comment.
I was thinking it might be something like that. But I think it should consider the time zone.
We have customers, for example, who use a time series chart to see how many items were processed per day in a month. And it should be considering 0:00 - 23:59 of the customer’s time zone to comply with their analysis.