[Solved] Twillio Issues?


This morning we are seeing some strange behavior with messages sent via Twillio. Carriage returns are being replaced with this character: Ú Also, the messages are being truncated.

We have not made any changes to this specific workflow and it was functioning ok as of 8PM EST last night.



Could you send along the id of the workflow that is having issues? I just did a simple multi line message test, and it seems to be functioning as expected, and we haven’t rolled out any changes since last night.

Also, at what point is the message being truncated? I know that depending on the phone/carrier, sms messages will be truncated at 160 chars.



Workflow is 5818d74a46c5b40100d73ab7

What it should look like:
UMCP St Johns valve state change detected.
Bypass: Open
Main: Closed
Dashboard: URL Would go here

What it looks like today:
UMCP St Johns valve state change detected.ÚBypass: ClosedÚMain: OpenÚDashboard: URL missing 3 trailing characters



So I went into that workflow and found the config for that node, and created an identical node in a new workflow (only difference being it uses my twilio credentials, and sends to my phone number) and constructed a virtual button payload to match what would be expected to go into the twilio node as you have it configured (down to even including a real dashboard url and sending to multiple numbers). The sms that was sent appeared correctly on both an android and an iphone.

One thought - if you log into your twilio account and look at your sms logs, do the messages look correct in there?

Side note, nice workflow! Even made me think of a potential twilio node improvement - being able to hand an entire array of numbers to the twilio node instead of having to set each number individually.



Sorry for the delay responding and thanks for the thorough investigation. We heard back from Twillio this afternoon that the issue was on their end and was related to their encoding of the messages as they are sent out to the SMS devices. They were able to fix it about an hour later. Thanks again and sorry for the fire drill!



No problem! Glad Twilio was able to fix their issue quickly.