[Solved] SMS to Canadian phone


Trying to use the SMS note to send messages to a Canadian cell phone but nothing is coming through. Is Canada not supported?



We don’t block any countries or provinces specifically, but as stated in the SMS Node’s documentation, any message that would cost more than $0.06 USD to deliver will not be sent. It’s possible you’re running up against this limit when sending to your Canadian number, though typically messages to Canada go through OK.

I also don’t see any failed messages to Canadian numbers in our Twilio logs from around the time you made this post. Are you able to hook up a Debug Node after the SMS Node in your workflow and see if there is any helpful output there? Perhaps the phone number is in an invalid format and the node is not actually running.



Hi @Dylan_Schuster. If I use the Twilio node to send to the same Canadian number, I do get a report back from Twilio “Phone number invalid”. However its not invalid, its my number and I get SMS on it all day long via the largest carrier in Canada.

Any other ideas?




Behind the scenes the Losant SMS Node also uses Twilio, just tied to our company account. Looking at Twilio’s documentation, the number must be in a stripped-down format. For example, to send to the fake American number (513) 555-1212, I must put the number in my node as “5135551212”, or if you’re sending to a country without a country code of 1, “+335551212”. Is your number in that format?

Also, try with the “+1” in front of the number, since it’s going to a Canadian number.



@Dylan_Schuster the +1 was the key. It works now! I even tried just 1 prior to that but that doesn’t work.

Thanks a million



Good to hear, Evan. We’ll probably rev the SMS Node to enforce a country code - or at least hint as much to the user - as a result of your issue. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and let us know if you run into any other issues.



Hi! I am experiencing the same issue with sms to my French phone number (Format: +33…). I checked the same node with my American phone number (Format: +1…) - works good. Is it similar cost-related issue or EU conties are not supported? What’s the best way to investigate this issue if I need to consider a few contry codes in the EU? Thanks



Hello @Alexander_Kondrov,

I have just a couple things to help us debug this! I haven’t been able to test with an EU phone number, so I apologize if any of these steps seem obvious. :smile:

The first thing to check is that your phone number is formatted correctly for Twilio. Twilio requires phone numbers be in E.164 format; for EU numbers, it looks as though the it should be 12 digits prepended by a +. The area code should be two digits, and the phone number should be eight:

The next recommendation I have for debugging is to use the Twilio Node in your workflow, as it allows for more debugging and advanced functionality. Twilio has a lot of resources that could be helpful, such as Number Lookup, which can tell you who owns a phone number and if it is correctly formatted.

Let me know how else I can help!



Hi Julia,

I postponed this question for now. I will get back to debugging with Twilio later. I will write you if I find anything