Twilio error message


Hi Guys,
I am using the Twilio node which is normally success but i am having an annoying problem sending to on specific phone number I am getting “invalid phone number” even though I’m am able to send to that same number from my mobile phone. The problem number is a US phone num er and I’ve tried using the format +15555551212

Is that response messages directly from the Twilio API, or is that a Losant generated message?




I poked around at Twilio’s Lookup API and it looks like there could be a problem with the number. Per Twilio’s documentation:

Twilio’s API has some very basic phone number validation logic built in. We try to save you money by rejecting messages to numbers we are certain are incorrect. However, we trust that our users know more about the phone number they are trying to send a message to than we do. Our validation logic will only affect numbers which are unquestionably incorrect.

I would recommend running the number through Twilio’s Lookup API so we can troubleshoot the number, here is an example of the example number lookup:

Hopefully this helps,


Hi Julia

I didn’t provide the real phone number here, so i made that phone number up so no wonder if failed :slight_smile:

I’ll send you the actual phone number in a PM.

Twilio support says "Your account is upgraded out of trial, which would be the number one reason this would fail, however, we’d still see an error on our end specifically stating the number isn’t verified. The biggest problem right now is we see no requests trying to be sent or touching Twilio’s platform, as the Losant IoT isn’t getting that far. I hate pointing fingers but I believe the issue is on their end, and I don’t want to redirect you aimlessly. Even when making requests we get a lot of errors for the SMS if it reaches us:"





It looks as though the number is not passing validation on our end, as the area code is not currently supported by npm.

I have logged this as a bug, and we will get to work on fixing it :smile: