Make an outbound phone call-twilio


Trying to use twilio voice to make an outbound call based on an event.

The sms version works fine, but when trying to configure Webhook out it says

no : “To” defined

Tried several different ways
To= 18005557655
To: “18005557655”
And several other ways

None seem to work

Hi @Jordan_Reyes,

Could you include a screenshot of your Webhook configuration? I’m going to test this out and try to replicate the issue.


@JuliaKempf Using a virtual button to make http request
And that’s where the “To” issue arises

Hi @Jordan_Reyes,

It looks as though the root cause is the required Twilio format of the POST. I would recommend using Postman or another similar service to try executing as a cURL command. If you are able to successfully POST using a cURL command, we will be able to form the command to fit the HTTP Node.


Yes there was no issue when using postman,

worked the first time


Can you include a screenshot of your POSTMAN configuration?