Receive SMS replies to Twilio message

I was wondering if it’s possible to receive a reply to an outbound sms made via the Twilio node? I can see replies being received in the twilio platform but wondering if we can trigger a webhook or some other method to get that reply into Losant?

HI Paul

Yes. We use it to effectively do a group chat. Any SMS sent to the originating number (sent from Losant) will call the Twilio webhook which calls a workflow. Where someone out of a group acknowledges they are investigating an alarm

It checks its a valid source number (not SPAM) recipients defined in a data table, and I also remove the replier from the new recipients list (queried from the datatable)


Awesome. Would you be willing to share that code on the forums as a use case example.

I could

Its all in workflows. I would need to sanitize it first.
(it also keeps a log of replies in the data table).

Will see what I can do in the next few days (unfortunately have a bunch of last minute projects) that have to be out by the end of the week.

We send messages out when Warning or greater Events are raised with a nominated audience - customer/internal.

Ideally we would include the alarm id in the sms, so a reply could by tied to an Events are raised. But haven’t got around to doing that.