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I am considering implementation of a simple and temporary approach for device registration through reception of emails in Losant. I.e. Installer installs Device and sends an email of known template to a pre-defined email address where he/she includes a few fields with device ID, authentication tokens and end-user email. While I understand the cyber security concern, still wondering if I can implement some-what email reception node in Losant workflow for email reception and payload validation. I can see only Email Send Node so far.

Thank you.

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Hi @Alexander_Kondrov!

I will create a feature request for an Email Reception Trigger Node, but in the meantime, this can be done with an API that can trigger a Webhook. I have not done it myself, but this Stack Overflow question points to a couple of services and APIs that can do so, one being the Gmail API.

Let me know if I can help any further,

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The most successful tool I’ve used to receive emails into Losant is Mailgun. They provide the email service and then parse and forward the details to a Losant webhook.

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