Customised "Welcome to the Losant IoT Platform" email message template

when we currently programmatically add a new Losant organisation member user, the standard “[Losant] Invitation to Sixth Sense Organization” email subject message with an activation link is sent to the new user to proceed with, and if all goes well, they then receive a stock “Welcome to the Losant IoT Platform” email subject message, addressed as ‘from’ CEO Charlie Key. All good for new single developers wanting to play with Losant, but for Organisations paying for a corporate account/tenant instance, we want to be able to customise and brand that welcome email message. Can you please consider a new product feature that provides Org level admin tooling to customise these onboarding emails thanks?


Hi @Andrew_Leckie1, I’m going to break this down into two separate requests …

First, the ability for an organization to send a custom invitation email, with your own branding and messaging - this is good feature request and I’ll add it to our system now.

The “Welcome to Losant” email - For customers who are on our public cloud, any users within their organizations also automatically are Losant users and they get access to all platform features (i.e. sandboxes, the ability to join other organizations, etc.), which means receiving the same “Welcome” and update emails as everybody else. So we are unable to suppress or change those emails based on how they first became a Losant user (i.e. through your org invitation).

However, we do have some clients who whitelabel our product and/or host it on their own private cloud installation and in those cases, their users do not receive emails from Losant or see any Losant branding in their platform. Whitelabels can change some elements of the platform UI as well - logos, some colors, some fonts.

If that is something you are interested in, I encourage you to reach out to your account representative here at Losant.

Thanks, and let us know if you have any other questions.