[Solved] Email based workflow trigger?


I have a thing that is reporting geolocation over email over a very low bandwidth satellite link.

Struggling re: how to integrate that gelocation report into a Losant workflow. Guidance appreciated. Cheers



Losant doesn’t currently have native support for email triggers, however Mailgun would be a really good service to connect email to Losant. Mailgun can expose an email address to send email to, then using their service you can forward that message over a webhook to Losant.

Give that a try. If you’re stuck we can provide some instructions with more details.



That’s the start I’m looking for. Cheers



We use SMS to send GPS and status via Twilio which calls into Losant workflow via a webhook.
This works well.

Email would be a very similar approach.

zapier and context.io are other api providers that support inbound email to webhooks.



Configured a Mailgun Route to match an address on my MailGun sandbox domain, with forward to a Losant Webhook trigger node. Works fine.

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