Tracker testing via email position reports from an IOS device?


Folks. I have a tracker app that will ultimately be driven by position reports over email from a Iridium device. Until the satellite unit is activated, I was hoping to locate an IOS app which can be configured to periodically report text based latitude, longitude via email. Any suggestions? Thanks



There is an app for iOS called Workflow this I think will allow you to achieve what you want if you combine it with IFTTT. I played around a little bit with the app to see if it would be able to programmatically send the current location of your phone and I was able to get a working flow that does just that:

If you don’t need a real Lat/Lng, you could always just use IFTTT as IF time of day THEN send email with a hard-coded Lat/Lng.

Hope this helps,



I was able to do what I needed with Workflow. Get position and format into an email sent to my mailgun domain, then webhooked into Losant. Thanks