Gps tracker location value

If I have a device I want to show on a map, can the gps location string be coming from a device tag value? Or does it have to be coming from an attribute value?
My devices are never moving so having a workflow just to simulate a static location seems overkill.

Hi Lars,

The device location cannot currently be set by a tag, but I will create a request for this functionality and let you know if it is implemented.


I noticed the Kanarra digital example had devices with gps strings in the tags. But maybe those are used as the source for the workflow updating the attributes.


You are correct. To support static locations, I typically trigger a workflow when the device reports state and then use that workflow to pull the location from a tag and then report it as state as well. You automatically get the tag values in the starting payload from the Device: State Trigger.

Just remember to put a conditional after the trigger, otherwise when you report the location as state, you will re-trigger the same workflow again in an infinite loop. We automatically catch and prevent that loop, but your workflow won’t work as expected.

If you need more info on the infinite loop problem, there is a good forum post about that here: Workflow Reentrant Loop For Device