Geolocation solution


I need help on creating a solution with losant.
At this point, I know that we will create endpoints or a MQTT topic to send several devices geolocation. The devices are geolocation beacons/tags will be based on LoRa communication. I don’t need to send back instructions to the device. I only need to receive geolocation, deveice_id and battery_level to manage batteries.

My doubts are:

  1. how to create a UX platform to provide a search by device_id or related serial number of the equipment?
  2. once a user search, how to show a google maps with a pin in the correct geolocation
  3. how to offer endpoints so that my client can sync all the locations to its ERP
  4. how to automatically subscribe new device_id and allow them to be new devices within Losant

Thanks in advance.


Have you looked into application experiences yet? This is a platform feature that allows you to build your own user management, presentation and device provisioning system within your application. Behind the scenes Losant manages your devices and their state reports, but to your end users, it can appear as your own product.

We have walkthroughs for building a web-based UI or an abstracted API (where you would build your own UI on top of the endpoints). I recommend you start there, and let us know if you have any additional questions!