The Things Network and Losant



Has anyone done an integration with Losant the The Things Network? Much appreciated if you could share your details. Thanks


I’ve done a small project using The Things Network and Losant. The sensors were custom, but the same concepts apply to pretty much any LoRa device.

I used this Laird LoRa Gateway:

The gateway has built-in support for The Things Network. I followed all the basic instructions for getting the sensor data to The Things Network backend. I then used their HTTP Integration to send the data to a Losant Webhook.

The Workflow that backs the Webhook then parses the data and saves it using the Device State Node.


Exactly what I was looking for thanks.

Did you do any Losant to LoRaWAN end-device communication, or just handle the uplink traffic?


I did not use any downlink functionality, however the HTTP Integration does also support queuing downlink messages. I would likely use the HTTP Node to invoke that API call whenever downlink data needed to be sent.


I have completed an application with TTN and Losant using MQTT as the means of integration. It works very well. Essentially, every time a LoraWAN (TTN) device reports its state to the device server (TTN) an MQTT message is published. Losant can pick up this MQTT message, via a Losant integration, run a workflow and grab the data from the payload. I have found it to be very reliable, have had a number of nodes running and reporting regularly using this method. There is a fair bit of information in the TTN docs on MQTT and the workflow in Losant uses the standard functions, let me know if you need some further pointers. BTW you will need to set up a payload function in TTN as well to set up the state variables in the payload. Cheers.


OK I see both the Webhook and MQTT workflow triggers. I will give them a try in the next few days. Thank you


Webhook seems to be working fine with both TTN and LoRaServer.