Third Party Help Wanted

We need help setting up a device(s) on Losant
I’ve had some help from support staff but it’s limited.

After spending another 10 hours on this platform today, I’ve had it with trying to figure this out on my own. Are there any experts here that we can hire to help get us going? We would like to hire someone to work with us.

Hi Ron,
I am an experienced Losant consultant and would be glad to help you out on this.
You can reach me on
Cheers and Have a great day ahead,

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I might be able to help.

Hey @Ron_Katz,

Are the issues you’re facing still connecting your devices to Losant as described in this post?

As Dylan mentioned there, in the documentation for the InGateway 502, there is a screenshot for the MQTT configuration that shows a field for Client-ID.

You mentioned that I have only found one device that has a “client-id” field for MQTT, is the InGateway 502 the only device you’ve found? What other devices are you working with? There is a chance that with some more information on what other devices you are using, I can help you out.

Thank you,

Thanks for the reply. Connecting is no longer an issue.
Other Inhand devices I’ve tried do not have “client-id” field. The IG502 does.
Hopefully, they will update the firmware soon.