Device Connection Issues via MQTT

I’ve got an issue with a device connecting to Losant and could use some help troubleshooting:

I have deployed around 10-15 gateways using the same method I followed to get this gateway setup and for some reason it doesn’t seem to want to connect to losant.

It’s like Losant hasn’t seen the device at all.

A connected device with a very similar configuration (minus the losant credentials provided to the MQTT broker:

Any troubleshooting suggestions would be much appreciated.

Does Node RED return any error information? It looks like, from your screenshot, the connection to Losant has not been established, so I’m wondering if Node RED is logging an error somewhere you can look at. Another tactic you can take is to watch the application communication log for your application - it will print out messages about attempted connections and if anything was wrong with them (like a bad access key or device ID).

Our device came preloaded with a piece of software that we usually load ourselves… apparently there was an issue with the way the factory loaded the software and we therefore had some directory structure issues.
Thanks for your support.
All is working now that we reloaded the software.
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