Previously Connected Device Won't Reconnect to Losant

I have had some strange behavior with Losant MQTT broker happening lately.
This device has previously connected… and seems to be attempting to connect with correct credentials.

It looks like it is attempting to connect with the correct and valid credentials:

It has connected in the recent past (as recent as Monday):

And the device is currently connected to the internet:

It doesn’t show any attempts to connect via Losant after a system reboot though…

Any advice to get this device back online would be much appreciated.

Hi @Leo_Bach1,

Just a quick question. I see your topic defined in env as losant_subscribe: "losant/deviceId/command," but I do not see it referenced in your “node properties” menu, is this intentional?

If you are setting this value elsewhere, I would begin by debugging your Application Access Key using Postman to ensure it is active and meets the correct scope for the device.