Problem Connecting to Losant with mcThings



I’ve been attempting to run the magnetic reed switch code and the getting started with Losant guide. I’ve tried it multiple times, made sure all case is accurate etc but I cannot get the modules/gateway to connect to Losant. Here is the guide I’m referencing:

Here is the code:

    Class LosantDoor
    // Device ID of Peripheral in Losant
    Const LosantDeivceId As String = "594445eb57dcc600060018d5"
    // MQTT topic in Losant
    Const LosantTopic As String = "losant/" + LosantDeivceId + "/state"
    Shared _doorState As String
    Shared _doorcount As Integer
    Shared Event Boot()
        _doorState = "Open"
        _doorcount = 0
    End Event
    Shared Event ReedSwitchChanged()
        'debounce interrupt
        LedRed = True
        If ReedSwitch = True Then
            _doorState = "Open"   
            _doorcount = _doorcount + 1
            _doorState = "Closed"
        End If
        LedRed = False
    End Event
    Shared Event CheckSensors() RaiseEvent Every 60 Seconds 
    End Event
    Private Sub sendMQTTData() 
        Dim tempTMP102string As String = TempSensor.GetTemp().ToString()
        Dim battShort As Short = Device.BatteryVoltage()
        Dim battFloat As Float = battShort / 1000
        Dim battString As String = battFloat.ToString()
        // Create data JSON object 
        Dim dataJson As Json = New Json
        dataJson.Add("battery", battString)
        dataJson.Add("temperature", tempTMP102string)
        dataJson.Add("doorState", _doorState)
        dataJson.Add("doorCount", _doorcount)
        // Create Losant preferred JSON object
        Dim losantPayload As Json = New Json
        losantPayload.Add("data", dataJson)
        // Publish to Losant MQTT
        Lplan.Publish(LosantTopic, losantPayload.ToListOfByte)
    End Sub
End Class


Hi, Jordan!

If you go into your device, on the left you should see a panel called “Debug”. Then, scroll down and take a look at your connection log. It should look like this:

Are you seeing any connection attempts here? Generally, this is the first place I check.

I’m sure you may have done this, but, can you verify all your credentials are correct? For mc-Things, here is what that would be:

MQTT Server -
MQTT Port - 1883
MQTT Username - Your Losant Access Key
MQTT Username - Your Losant Access Secret
MQTT ClientId - This is the Device ID of the gateway you created in Losant.


Thanks for your reply. I see no connection logs. It appears to not be connecting at all. I’ve verified that all credentials are correct.



I forced a state and it appears to be working after doing so. Thanks!



I’m happy it’s working! Just to make sure I understand your solution. Did you Force State in Losant? Or, did you just send state from the device without the door sensor connected?