Anyone using Inhand networks product here?

Anyone here using any device from Inhand able to get it set up with Losant?
I’ve tried four different devices and nothing will authenticate with lostant mqtt

Currently trying the IG502

Hi @Ron_Katz, and welcome to the Losant Forums.

I’ve never tried one of those specific devices but, reading about the IG502 specifically, I would expect you would be able to connect to our MQTT broker using it.

When you say “nothing will authenticate with Losant MQTT”, are you getting any kind of error messages, either from the device or from the Losant broker? Any information you can provide will help us figure out the issue.

I found that most devices do not have a “client-id” field for MQTT

Finally found one edge gateway that has this client-id field and after a few weeks realized it is not the “name” of the device you use, it is the code below it to identify it. Two months later, I’m connected!

I would like to hire someone to help us set up devices on here but don’t know where to start.

@Ron_Katz does that mean the issues you are describing are resolved, or are you still having trouble getting these InHand devices to connect to our broker?

As for hiring somebody, Losant does have an in-house solutions team that is available for projects such as these. I recommend reaching out to your account manager for more details.

Thanks for the information.

I have only found one device that has a “client-id” field for MQTT so I can start playing with Losant. All the other hardware I’ve tried from them (and others) did not and I was not able to connect until now.

I did have some initial communications with your company but we got stuck due to hardware limitations and I’m still not sure if there is another way to connect so we are not so limited in hardware. I don’t want to drift too far off-topic on this thread but, can really use someone to work with us and not just an hour on the phone. Even after we get something working, still not clear on any of the costs.

Thanks for the info. It sounds like you have a call later today with somebody at Losant, so I’ll let them take care of the next steps.

Also, for anybody else who comes through here, I found this in the InHand documentation while looking into this -

InGateway502 Quick Start Manual — InGateway 0.0.1 documentation - It at least has a client ID in the screenshot. The credentials would be something like:

  • Type: MQTT
  • Server Address:
  • Client ID: The device ID
  • Enable Authority: checked
  • Username: The key portion of your access key
  • Password: The secret portion of your access key
  • Port: 1883 (non-secure) or 8883 (secure)
  • Keep Alive: 60
  • TLS Encryption: Disabled if you entered 1883 for the port, or enabled for 8883
  • Clean Session: No
  • MQTT Version: MQTTv311
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