MQTT Integration not working

I am trying to set up an MQTT broker integration but i’m having trouble connecting to it.
I’m using [] to guide me through.

I have put in the client ID, the broker and port, the username and passwoer and the topic. I copied all these from MQTTfx client.
Am i missin something?


Hey @Michael_Papageorge,

…but i’m having trouble connecting to it.

The Losant MQTT Integration is used to connect to other MQTT Brokers or Services. For example, if you had an MQTT Broker running on your own servers, this integration would connect to that Broker and be able to Subscribe & Publish to topics.

If you would like to connect to the Losant Broker via MQTTfx, you can do so by providing a valid Device ID as the Client ID, and with a Losant Access Key/Secret pair (key being the Username, and Secret being the Password).

Please let me know if I’ve addressed your question, or if you have any other questions.

Thank you,

Thanks for the reply.
Yes i have my own MQTT broker (i’m just using mqttfx as a client) and i want to connect that broker to Losant. I can’t seem to make the integration work.

Hey @Michael_Papageorge,

Are there any warnings or errors in your MQTT Broker logs? You said you were able to connect to your external MQTT Broker via MQTTfx, correct?