SMS Node Permission not enabled for the Saudi Arabai Number


I got this error message when sending to Saudi Arabia Phone Number

  • “message”:

“Permission to send an SMS has not been enabled for the region indicated by the ‘To’ number: +966xxxxxxxx.”

Hi @ruba_jabal !

The SMS Node is intended for testing and/or proof of concept applications and is limited in its capabilities. See the disclaimer at the top of our SMS Node documentation page.

Our recommendation is to use the Twilio Node in conjunction with a Twilio account. If you decide to continue down this path, let us know how it goes!

Dear @Sebastian_Turner

Thanks for your reply.

I am aware of the disclaimer stated that for production application it is recommended to use Twilio Node, however, what I am doing now is testing.

So is this means SMS Node has limitation to sends to Saudi Number?

We are working on updating our SMS Node to allow messaging to more regions, including Saudi Arabia. However, according to Twilio’s rate sheet for Saudi Arabia, the current cost to send a message is ~$0.08, which is greater than the $0.06 limit we have in place for our SMS Node.

At the present time, the Twilio Node is the only option on our platform for sending SMS to Saudi Arabia.