[Solved] Odd behaviour when zooming on Position Chart



I noticed position charts now have the option to no draw lines - yeah.

One problem I am noticing is the markers origin is off when zoomed out, and as we zoom in the accuracy improves.

What point of the marker is the origin that would map directly to x,y values.

Here is an example.

May be its todo




Can you please make this dashboard (or another example) password protected or public and email us a link?


Hi Brandon. Send you and support an email.




As per your email Brandon. I had assumed the wrong origin of the marker.
Moving the image to center sorted it. Stupidly I had assumed the typical google marker didn’t have all that space at the bottom.

Bit of an idiot :wink:



It’s definitely not obvious. We’ll update the inline help to make it more clear where the maps expects the center point to be.