Map slowdown on zooming in

Occasionally I’ve run into slowdowns on dashboards, particularly when zooming on on map blocks. I suspect the general cause is that we’re displaying too much historical data (7 days for all devices in the application, which can be up to a few dozen), but the fact that it got worse as I zoom seemed counterintuitive. Is this slowdown on zooming in expected? The slowdown was observed in Chrome, but I don’t know that it’s browser specific.

More generally, do you have a recommendation for how many historical data points is too many to display on the dashboard? I realize this performance is related to computer hardware, but even very general limits you’ve run into might help. Having a way to paginate the devices shown on a map might help. Not sure if there’s a good way to do that though.

That does seem counterintuitive, we will take a look on our side and see if we can reproduce that issue.

In terms of general limits, we have seen that performance of larger dashboards can vary wildly between different computers and browsers. With the map in particular, we have seen that the drawing of the path lines between data points can be surprisingly costly. We are actually doing a general “dashboard performance” pass at the moment, which will hopefully address some of this.

The pagination of devices on a map is a neat idea, we will toss that around internally, see how that would feel on that dashboard block!

Thanks for the update. I changed one of maps to only show the most recent location, which helped a bit. Another culprit seems to be the device state tables. Reducing the time range from 24 to 3 hours improved the dashboard responsiveness.

Is there a way to disable the lines on historical map blocks?

Improvements to the device state table are actually coming very soon (later this week)!

Right now, there is no way to disable the lines, because the lines are what show the history of the device. If you just care about the current location of the device, you can use the ‘last received data point’ option, and that has no lines.

Got it, thanks. I’ve changed the map that displays all the devices’ locations to just display the last data point. And I’ll keep an eye out for the performance updates.