[Solved] Device State Table - can be so slow as to hang browser



With recent updates it appears that device state tables can degrade performance of a dashboard to the point the web browser is unresponsive.

If this happens their doesn’t appear to be anyway to edit the dashboard to remove the offending block as it bogs down before you can effectively remove the entity.

Device state table with 2 devices with 2 attributes and most recent data are OK, extend that to 3 hours and dashboard is unuseable.




Do you know roughly how many data points are being displayed for 3 hours? We should then be able to reproduce the issue and apply a fix.



Hi Brendon

Sample frequency was 4 seconds with 2 devices. Clearly it was silly to create the widget for such a period, but once on the dashboard can’t get rid of it :slight_smile:




Tim, we pushed an update a few weeks ago that should resolve the issue you’re describing. Can you confirm that the performance of your device state table blocks has improved?


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Hi Dylan,

Yes seems to have made considerable difference.

Will keep an eye on it. We pretty much stopped using that widget due to performance.
So will turn it back on for a few things.

Thanks for looking into to it.


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