Custom GPS Map Markers stopped working?

This is probably just me, but it seems like custom markers on GPS map blocks aren’t working. I was setting up for a demo this week, and couldn’t get a custom marker to appear, even if I set it as the marker type for every point. (usually I just set it for isLastPoint)

I went back to see what I’d done for previous dashboards, and they’ve stopped working as well. I don’t see anything in the docs that indicate a change.

What am I doing wrong here?

{{#if isFirstPoint}}

Hi @Zandr_Milewski,

I took a look at your GPS Blocks and was able to replicate your problem, and it looks as though the image is being blocked by a CORS policy. I replaced the image strings with colorMarkers and they were displayed correctly, so it looks as though the images are not accessible.


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Ah, that was it. I guess browsers have gotten fussier since I last tried this. Adding an allow-origin header on the image server solved this.

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