Heat map or GPS style history for non GPS data



We would love to see a variation on the GPS heat map and history but for other data.

For instance we work with pumps and where they sit on their performance curve is typically defined by a couple of parameters. For instance RPM and discharge pressure (though it could be other measures like flow)

These can be plotted on a graph X - RPM, Y Discharge.

If we could then supply a bitmap/svg as a background and be able to plot these points (history) or heatmap on X/Y custom ranges would be fantastic. This allows other people to see where the current behavior of the equipment sits on the manufacturers performance curve.

I am sure this would be applicable to a range of other forms of interpretaion.

here is an example of one pump curve.

We can plot flow vs rpm, or head (pressure) vs flow and see where it sit’s



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This is a pretty cool block idea. We’ll noodle on it internally to figure out the best way to offer it in a somewhat generic way.

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Would the new Position Chart block address this?



Yep, the new Position Chart can do this.

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Hi Brandon.

Really glad to see this feature. However it misses the mark for us.
We want to plot multiple points and not a path (ie first and last) or with lines.

We would like to see discete points. The path doesn’t make sense in the context of the image in the original request.

I am using a custom marker to provide a single point (is this very efficient) but the path is the real problem as it obscures the points.



Tim, currently you can plot a point at every reported position by modifying the advanced pin style configuration and removing the checks for first and last point. You can even render different markers based on a number of factors, including whether it’s the first or last point in the data set.

As for the path getting in the way, what if we added a checkbox to disable drawing the lines on the chart? Would that satisfy your requirement?

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Hi Dylan

Thanks for the reply. I am pretty sure just being disabling the line would be a great start, (love to see heatmap later :wink: