Heat map or GPS style history for non GPS data



We would love to see a variation on the GPS heat map and history but for other data.

For instance we work with pumps and where they sit on their performance curve is typically defined by a couple of parameters. For instance RPM and discharge pressure (though it could be other measures like flow)

These can be plotted on a graph X - RPM, Y Discharge.

If we could then supply a bitmap/svg as a background and be able to plot these points (history) or heatmap on X/Y custom ranges would be fantastic. This allows other people to see where the current behavior of the equipment sits on the manufacturers performance curve.

I am sure this would be applicable to a range of other forms of interpretaion.

here is an example of one pump curve.

We can plot flow vs rpm, or head (pressure) vs flow and see where it sit’s




This is a pretty cool block idea. We’ll noodle on it internally to figure out the best way to offer it in a somewhat generic way.