Different "Heat source" in Heatmap


I have been playing with the heatmap this weekend, and the way Heatmap works right now, it shows more red the more time you spend at a location - owing to the increased number of fixes for that map area.

I would suggest to color the heat dots with a hird parameter (RSSI - received signal strength or maybe sensor temperature). This would ie a 3rd parameter to location, which would be a useful feature.

What do you think?

Hi @IgorP ,

Great suggestion! I’ll submit a feature request internally and see about implementing heatmap colors based on attribute values. If I have an updates to share, I’ll post them here.

We’ve that feature request filed; thanks for the suggestion.

As a workaround, if the goal is to visualize signal strength across a fleet of assets, you could do something like the following …

In the “Icon Template”, you can write a block of Handlebars statements that will render different pins / icons based on the signal strength. For example, assuming an attribute called “signalStrength” whose value ranges from 0 (no signal) to 100 (great signal), you could do something like this, using the {{#gte}} block helper

{{#gte data.signalStrength 80}}
 {{colorMarker '#009900'}} {{!-- green color marker --}}
{{else gte data.signalStrength 40}}
 {{colorMarker '#ff9900'}} {{!-- orange color marker --}}
  {{colorMarker '#990000'}} {{!-- red color marker }}


thank you both for the feedback, much appreciated.

I might just try your suggestion Dylan, in the end mapping the network, figuring moisture/temperature levels while driving, even counting which gateway gives the most coverage would be interesting.