Dashboard heatmap

Could I use the heatmap block only with gps data?

I would like to see a similar function of measured machine data, pressure/flow in this case.
Since I’m relying on a frequency of data sampling 1/min , in this case, and no value triggered measurement, I need to map a range of values to see the distribution.
Then a month from now I need to do the same comparison.
Any other block/method that would do this better ?


The heatmap block on the dashboard is designed to only use valid GPS strings as inputs, so we will need to come up with a different strategy to visualize the data in question.

As I understand it, you want to monitor the distribution of pressure and flow data points for a given time period, and then compare the same time frame a month later? Presumably so you can see the impact to pressure and flow values after mechanical adjustment or change to process conditions?

Or to see broader trending of the performance of the equipment?

Do you need this data from a given piece of equipment associated with a particular geographic location?


initially just some form of scatterplot for a given time frame where pressure is X and Flow is Y.
Sounds like Vega Lite is my best path, but I always have a bit a trouble with that especially if I’m not using it for a while.
As the data source for Vega should I use Time series or is gauge query better?

Can you explain why this Vega config somewhat works, but as soon as I change x from nominal to quantitative, it doesn’t

“width”: {{block.width}},

“height”: {{block.height}},

“autosize”: {

"type": "fit",

"contains": "padding"


“data”: {“values”:[




] },

“mark”: “point”,

“encoding”: {

"x": {"field": "Presssure", "type": "nominal"},

"y": {"field": "Flow", "type": "quantitative"}




Using the Vega block or the custom HTML block is your best path, and it looks like you’ve already proceeded with using a time-series query as part of your configuration.

As far as your specific config, this isn’t something we have the ability to assist with but other Vega-specific resources might be able to help. Take a look at the vega docs directly (https://vega.github.io/vega-lite/docs/) or StackOverflow forums around the topic.


It works in Vega Lites online editor, but not in the dashboard block

Found the problem, I had spelled Xaxis info with 3 s in Pressure

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