Placing a pointer on a Position Chart


Looking for a way to have a pointer on a floor map to indicate a device position on the dashboard Position Chart block.

So far I was only able to upload the floor map,
my payload do not have x,y coordinates to setup
Appreciate your assistance


Hi @tirosh_gutte,

You will need to have the GPS state reporting to have the coordinates accessible by the Position Chart. You can do so by setting the GPS value within a workflow, shown here.

You will then be able to use the Position Chart as desired; documentation can be found here.



In addition, we have two Losant University videos available on GPS Blocks and Position Charts. The page can be found here, and the videos are in Course 4, Chapters 5 and 6.



Thank you, Can “Forcing the GPS” to a location defined lat/log create a loss/disconnect of payload data. It seems I can not regain payload data once the GPS location was set under workflow Device State. Please assist.


HI @tirosh_gutte,

Updating a GPS attribute with a Device State Node should not cause any connection changes or failures. However, we should debug to see what caused the problem, as this behavior is unexpected. Could you provide me the steps to recreate the problem, or describe further what led up to this loss of connection?

Thanks! :smiley: