How to build a user portal on Losant

I am looking for information on how to build a user portal on losant. Currently our portal is running on Azure and it pulls all the data to populate the pages via API from Losant. as of now we have about 200 devices that we are controlling and receiving telemetry data from.

Is there a way to build this portal directly on Losant?

Screenshot of our existing portal. I would need to keep all the functionality that exists today and there are a few more reports that I want to display.

I know this is a big undertaking but it needs to get done. As for me I have experience with Databases mostly SQL stuff but 20 years ago I programmed in coldfusion, point is I have a general understanding of programming and am hungry to learn. I have been working through Losant workflows so I get that end of it. I just need some direction on where to start reading about how to setup the portal, how to access it via a browser and where and how to pull data into it from losant.

I am sure all these instruction exist please just point me to them.

Hey @Dave_Blaylock,

For building a portal, the best place to start is with our Connected Product Foundation (CPF). It’s a prebuilt template and mostly contains experience resources (for a user-facing portal). It’s designed to be modified and provides a good technical framework in which to work. Comfort with web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) will be required.

CPF Webinar: Deeper Dive Webinar Replay Intro to Connected Product Foundation (start here)
CPF Overview:
CPF User Guide:

Getting the CPF template resources into an existing application requires a few steps:

  1. Create a new application from the CPF template.
  2. Switch to your actual application and navigate to Import / Export on the main application nav.
  3. Import from a source application and select the newly created CPF application.
  4. This will import all CPF resources into your existing application.

I would probably recommend testing this on a clone of your original application just to make sure the import process doesn’t cause harm to existing resources.

If you’re interested in accelerating this process, we are doing small-scale services work specifically to help people get onboarded with the CPF. We’d be more than happy to help bootstrap the environment to a point you can take over. Let me know if you’d like to talk to someone about that.