Losant device data to Azure

I need to create a workflow that will send out some data to a platform built upon the Azure IoT Hub.
Trying to gather information from the Azure IoT SDK kits, but I thought I had seen an example of this in this forum, but now I can only find info on how to do it the opposite way.

The example you’re referring to may be this, but you are correct. This guide discusses how to get telemetry data from Azure to Losant, and you need to go from Losant to Azure.

I found Azure IoT Hub’s API documentation by Googling that phrase. Their documentation is where you will find the majority of the information you’ll need to work with their service -

As for how to apply this in a Losant workflow, you’d want to use the HTTP Node to make calls to this API. I also assume you’ll need to create a token in Azure’s interface, save that token to a workflow global, and use it to authenticate your requests using an Authorization Header in the node.