Mqtt subscribe to Losant broker

Can I have a customer subscribe to the Losant broker to get a “copy” of data coming from some of my devices?

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

Could you describe the environment and usage for your customer? There are a couple of possible ways to accomplish this, and I want to be sure we recommend the simplest for your use case.


We are visualizing some of this customers sensor data already with a Losant dashboard.
They have some other information , in Azure, that they would like to relate to our sensor data, so I thought one way would be to have them subscribe to some device topics so the existing system is left intact.
I guess another would be to setup a Azure Integration, right?
They will still be using the Losant dashboards/experience we have deployed.

Any further info on this today?

Hi Lars,

The current suggestion is to create an Access Key with subscribe access to an arbitrary topic. You would then need to publish state data to this custom topic in addition to reporting the data to your device.

Of course, there are other ways to accomplish this, but this one may be the most ideal for your use case.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

So to be able to subscribe to all state data that the device is currently sedning data via MQTT, I need to ALSO post that same data to a second topic, that my customer would subscribe to?

Not sure if I can configure my device to send to 2 different topics, so what other options do I have?

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

I would either:

  1. Configure the device to send the data to a custom topic (not the losant device state topic) and then use a workflow with Mqtt Trigger Node to store the payload into a device using Device: State node. Your client could then subscribe to the custom topic on the Losant broker.
  2. Use a Device: State trigger node to trigger a workflow off the incoming device data and then use an Mqtt Message Node to post to the Losant broker on a custom topic. To which your client can subscribe (which will probably increase your payload count).

So with option 1 , my device would only need to post to the custom Losant topic and not the state topic?