Azure to Losant with Webhook


I am trying to read device telemetry from Azure IoT HUB via webhook.

I am successfully getting an event from Azure but can’t seem to find the actual payload.
This is my workflow:

When I try to decode the message I get this:image

If I bypass the decoder I still can’t find the payload.
Any help?


@Eduardo_wewer , two reasons you’re not seeing the payload come through:

  1. In the false path of your “Validate?” Node, you have some sort of error in the node configuration that is preventing the workflow from ever reaching the Debug Node.
  2. In the true path of your “Validate?” Node, there is no Debug Node connecting off the end of the path (after the orange “Validate” Webhook Reply Node).

What I would do is drop a Debug Node at the top of this workflow, immediately after the Webhook Trigger. That will print out the payload before you do any kinds of mutations or logical checks on it. From there, I bet you’ll track down your other issues.

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Hi Dylan,

I’ve tried that but I still can’t see the payload anywhere.

If it helps, the data I’m sending is not json but raw string.

Also, I have visualized the data in other platforms through Azure so I’m sure the transmission works.



I had to uncheck this

sorry and thanks