How To Build an Experience API - Newbie problem?


I’m trying to follow this tutorial, but it looks like the initial section is missing:

How To Build an Experience API | Losant Documentation

The photos in the tutorial show a login page, but the tutorial jumps right into the user registration page construction.

I created a simple login page and pointed it to /auth since when I pointed it to /users and logged in, the response was always “Email already exists.”.

If I put in credentials to create a new user, I get a json response which includes the new token printed on my screen.

My confusion is how I get from /auth to the /devices endpoint.

In my application, each login will be hardcoded via tags to a single device. SO if the user logs in and passes authentication, they should be redirected to /devices/{id}/data where they will see the last states for their device.

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I switched and used portions of the Huddle Application and now I am able to login and view one of my dashboards.

I’ll probably need a few hints on how to setup a page to display my device states - I assume I create an experience workflow to gate the states (Device Get) and then i create a page that formats the results?

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Hey @John_Hart,

We recently released the Connected Product Foundation (CPF), which is a much more complete starting template for new applications. It delivers a ton of this capability out of the box. Since it sounds like you’re starting from scratch, I would definitely recommend trying it out.

We also have a Deeper Dive Webinar replay that covers the CPF.

@Brandon_Cannaday when I try to add the CPF it says I don’t have enough resources available. I don’t have enough workflow and experience pages remaining.

Is it possible to backup my entire experience so I can restore everything (including data) if I run into problems while I rebuild everything using CPF?

The only way I saw was to do individual backups.

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There is not an easy way to restore device data. You can backup all other application resources using application export:

You can then delete just the experience resources and import the CPF into your existing application:

Here’s a zip of the CPF with the devices and non-experience workflows removed. You can import this into your current application: (466.9 KB)

If you want to restore what you originally had, you can delete all experience resources again and import the previous application export and choose just to import just the experience resources.