[Solved] Experience Tutorials?



Hey Guys,

I’m really liking Losant thus far. After the great University videos I feel pretty good about visualization and the workflow engine.

Having said that, I’m really struggling to get going with on Experience Views. I’ve seen references to an “End User Experience” course but I can’t seem to find it.

If it doesn’t exist, are there any other getting started guides other than the Experience Views Walkthough or other more real-world-ish examples?



Hi Steve

I recently stood-up my first experience taking guidance from this post …


Thanks for the pro tip! That is precisely the type of page organization I’m hoping to implement…

I’ll give it a shot.



Ouch - that was a painful exercise. As a noob I must admit I barely understood about 25% of what was actually described. No surprise then when I was unable to replicate the example.

I was able to get a dashboard to operate properly (I think) but could not get the Experience Pages to render properly. Here’s what I ended up with: