Default Group for Experience Users

I have been trying to figure out how to have new Experience Users assigned to a default Group. This would enable me to allow new signups access to a demonstration dashboard while removing that View for users that have their own, proprietary dashboards.

Any thoughts?

Hi @David_Armitage,

Are new users signing up via an Experience Page? or are you manually adding them with Losant itself?

Through an Experience page (and a Workflow). If I were adding them manually I would just add them to the Group at the same time


Since you’re doing it with a workflow, with the Create User Node, you can add them to a group there:

This could be your “Default Group”.

David any way I could get a look at how your whole customized experience page looks like and works?

I’ve always struggled in understanding how the Experience pages work or how to use them as a way to provide password protected dashboards for clients.

Do you have a demo account setup that I could look at?

@anaptfox Are you guys planning a webinar on how the whole Experience pages work and how they can be customized for other businesses? The docs are not enough for me to wrap my head around it and I’m a pretty technical guy.

You bet @RWB. I’ll send you a login.

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