Different dashboard depending on experience users

I’m trying to modify the /login experience workflow to redirect to a certain dashboard depending on which group an experience user belongs too, but not having any luck.
Do you have a good example to show how that can be done?

Hi @Lars_Andersson,

I believe there are a couple examples in our example Kanarra application. Specifically the choose-group workflow and the functionality that accompanies it.


I uswed to be able to get to that application within my Losant account, but I don’t see it anymore.
Do I need to import the whole thing?

I looked at the choose-group workflows, but that is not really what I’m looking for.

In my application I’m just using the automatically generated experience workflows for loggin in and getting to the home page.
Depending on the user, or group the user belongs to I want to redirect to a different page than the standard home page. I have tried with a condition node but not having any luck.
What happens if an log in flow redirects to a / endpoint and there is a experience workflow also triggered by that same endpoint. I would image there is some priority happening.