Rendering a Losant Experience Dashboard

I have created an application using the Losant Experience Views, WorkFlows, and Endpoints. I am trying, unsuccessfully, to display the contents of a “Dashboard Page” onto the main panel of the application. Can someone provide me with some documentation that might explain this process. Not sure I created the necessary elements, View, EndPoint, Workflow, properly or if they are even actually needed.

I am also having difficulty rendoring the dashboard via a “href=/dashboard” link from the menu bar as well. On the first try I am getting and error as follows redirected you too many times.


Here is the URL from the browser. It is what I expected to route to the page.


I was able to remove this error but still not able to render the “Dashboard”. The issue was I was “Redirecting” so I think I had a circular loop

Hi @Edward_Szajner,

The dashboard documentation is here:

In your Endpoint Reply Node, to respond to the /dashboard endpoint, are you redirecting? That should be a 200 reply to a Dashboard Page.

Because we say this was a common action, we added the ability to just configured that from the Endpoint:

If you’re simply rendering a dashboard, you don’t have to build a workflow for that page. An Experience Workflow is helpful if you want more logic on the back-end of that page.

Let me know if this helps. Happy to explain further :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information. I removed the “WorkFlow” as suggested as I am not processing and Dashboard data. I only wanted to display the current content. I double checked my “EndPoint” code and I was in fact accessing the 'Dashboard" page/view that I previously constructed. The issue I now see was the fact that forgot to specify the “200” for the valid reply code. I would of thought that the system would of alerted me to that. Not sure I ever would of found that out.

Now I have another issue that is related. I was able to create an application Menu Bar link for generating the Dashboard but it overwrites my entire page with the exception of my "Header/Footer (layout). That is okay but I was also looking for a way to render the “Dashboard” content in the Main processing window of the application. Is there a way to accomplish this?

I have another question with regards to rendering the Dashboard into my application. I have several places that I am kicking off this type of operation. I thought I had this working but for some reason I am now getting an error. I have the “/dashboard” endpoint, which renders the Experience page "Dashboard), attached to a Menu Bar link. When I click this I am getting this error

Active content removed Active content removed

Not sure why? Very perplexing as I thought this was working. Trying to demo this to our group so any help in resolving would be very much appreciated



Hi @Edward_Szajner,

Could you provide some screenshots of this error on your dashboard? Is it specific to a block or occurring on the page?



Just to be clear, this is not actually happening on the dashboard but when I try to render the “dashboard” on my application. See enclosed screenshot. I have a “/dashboard” endpoint defined that will render the 'Dashboard" page whenever the “Dashboard” menu bar link is selected. As you can see from the screenshot I get an error message when this happens.

Just so you know, the message showing the “Copyright” message is the contents of the footer from the “Layout”

Hope this helps