Experience pages


just testing the experience and the pages it automatically created.
How can I replace the EMBREE Logo?
I can see where it is define in the edit page content, but how would I go about uploading another logo?
Do I not have that possibility in the “free” version account level?


Experience Pages do not yet support uploading custom assets, but it’s coming. At the moment, we recommend uploading your images to any number of third party CDNs or file storing services. Amazon S3 and Dropbox are both easy-to-use options. You then copy/paste the URL of the image from those services and replace the example Embree logo.


ok, got that done.

What’s the proper “href” syntax to refer to another page?
Let’s say the layout shows a link called “test” like this:

<li><a href='#'>Test</a></li>

look at the above in source mode


To link to other Experience Pages, you’d just use their routes:

<a href="/my-other-page">Link To New Page</a>

I tried that, but then I get the following response when trying to follow that link:
{ “error”: “No endpoint found for route” }


I added the endpoint and now the message is:
{ “error”: “No workflows found for endpoint” }

I’m getting closer


Are you still stuck? Responding to a web request with a page requires three pieces of the Losant platform working together:

  1. An endpoint, which is where the route itself is defined.
  2. A workflow, which is triggered when the endpoint is hit, builds an appropriate response, and replies to the request with …
  3. An experience page, which is the markup (with Handlebars) to render and display to the user.

We have a walkthrough that serves as an introduction to experience views. The guide for setting up user registration spells out how these three items work well together.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


I’m not OP, but thanks for your links, I used this to get the link to Experience Page working.

Had to create an end point, then created a workflow with Endpoint going into Endpoint Reply with the right Dashboard in the Page ID template.

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